Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have lost a few teeth, even in the back of the jaw, dental implants may be an option for you. Dental implants can alter your facial structure and improve your appearance significantly. They can bring back your lost appearance. In addition, they also help in proper digestion of food.

Today, fashion and beautiful smiles have become synonymous with health, financial status and education. However, when only appearance is taken into consideration, only the front teeth matter the most. Teeth missing in the back do not alter the smile and thus many consider it not worth the effort to undergo dental implant surgery to replace them. They believe that if others cannot see it, then it doesn’t make a difference. However, dental implants can be useful even to replace missing teeth in the back. Missing even a single tooth can affect food mastication and thus cause indigestion problems. This can be solved by using dental implants.

Importance of Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause the facial structure to gradually change. It leads to an awkward appearance and cosmetic surgery is the first thing many people consider to restore appearance. However, this is unnecessary and there are several dental options that can help in regaining the earlier appearance. Of all these procedures, dental implants are the most effective in improving facial appearance.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing teeth not only affect the external appearance, they also affect the overall health of the person. When a tooth is lost from its socket, the bone starts collapsing and in the process the surrounding teeth start moving towards the gap to compensate for the lost teeth. Implanting a dental implant prevents the surrounding teeth from moving and additionally, also stimulates bone growth. After the dental implant is installed, the bone grows around the implant and surrounds it completely which makes the dental implant very strong.

After missing a few teeth, the facial appearance changes drastically. This is because as the bone reabsorbs, it causes loss of muscle attachment. This causes the skin to sag giving the whole face a dull appearance. By implanting a dental implant, it is possible to make the weakening muscle stronger and also revitalize the bone. Thus the facial skin expands back to normal and gives the face a smoother appearance.

Dental Implants vs. Collagen Injections

Many people have collagen injections placed on the lips such that the lips are shaped to show more teeth while talking. Dental procedures can be used instead of this cosmetic technique. By using porcelain veneers, it is possible to make smaller teeth bigger so that they are visible externally while talking. The main advantage of using porcelain veneers is that they last much longer than collagen injections. In addition, they also look more natural. Both collagen injections and dental veneers cost almost the same.

With age, lips and cheeks start to sag and this causes a dull appearance to the face. In addition, teeth also get worn out and become smaller. Lips also become less elastic and thus the upper lip starts covering the teeth. Elongating the teeth by using porcelain veneers and strengthening the jaw bone removes the wrinkles and restores youthful look. It creates the illusion of a face-lift and at the same time strengthens the bone for many years to comes.

Dental Implants vs. Plastic Surgery

Dental procedures can be used to alter the appearance of the face. Thus, they can be used as an alternative to conventional plastic surgery. By reshaping or replacing teeth, it is possible to obtain the same effect as plastic surgery. On the plus side, dental procedures may cost less and at the same time have long-lasting effects.