Average Cost of Dental Implants in Canada

Missing teeth are very painful and inconvenient. They not only affect the way you chew your food but also your appearance. If the front teeth are lost, your smile and appearance will be completely destroyed. There can be many reasons for teeth loss. Some of the common reasons include old age, illnesses and injuries. Loss of teeth can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Many people lose their confidence completely after loss of teeth. However, lost teeth can be replaced by dental implants. Dental implants look very natural and can restore your appearance and lost self-confidence.

Dental implants are currently the best option for replacing lost teeth. They look just like natural teeth and function just the same. If you have decided to get dental implants, you will have to take an appointment with your dentist to discuss the various options that may be available. Your dentist will take an X-ray scan of your jaws to determine if you are an eligible candidate for dental implants. Typically, an X-ray scan will cost you about $45-50.

After it is determined that you are an eligible candidate for dental implants, your dentist will go ahead with the procedure. In the first step of the procedure, a titanium screw (known as the post) is implanted into the jaw bone. It is then allowed to heal for a few months. The post acts as a substrate on top of which the crown is constructed. After the post has healed completely and has become strong and stable, the crown is built on the top of it in such a way that it looks similar to neighboring teeth. If properly built, it cannot be differentiated from natural teeth.

In Canada, the National Health Care System does not provide cover for dental implants. Thus, you will have to finance the procedure yourself. On the average, dental implants cost about $2,400 per implant. Dental implants cost slightly less (about 14%) in Canada than the US.

Despite the high costs, it is better to get dental implants because they have a long life. If you cannot afford the procedure upfront, you can try other options. You can ask your dentist about the options that may be available. Some dental officers provide payment plans. There are also third-party financing companies which will allow you to pay in installments. Dental implants are costly but a good choice. They are well worth the price.

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